Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Clan Matters

Since the dawn of time, we have lived within the ever progressive, but unchanging dynamics of the clan. In the beginning, it was for survival against unknown enemies of nature and other human beings. Over time, other reasons became a necessary part of the clan – land, money, power, control; but always and ultimately for survival.

Contrary to popular belief, clans were not comprised simply of a single family. Indeed, clans embraced a multitude of people. They were among the first organized communities, encompassing several families and their extended families, as well as the servants within the families.

Everyone in the clan had a purpose and contribution to make, no matter their status. Regardless of feudalism, everyone served a purpose. There were the healers, the spiritual leaders, the black smiths, and people of every vocation. However, there were none who served a greater purpose in the clan than those who took up the sword, battle axe, and other weapons for the purpose of protecting the clan. These were the Warriors.

The warriors were held in high revere and rarely found themselves in want of anything. The clan provided their every need in exchange for their protection. The young grew up in the shadows of these fierce men and women. (Celt and early Norse.) Were the Warriors perfect? Absolutely not, but who among us are?

Today, we have matters of the clan to discuss. Our warriors have been demonized into the monsters that haunt the dreams of young children. Each day they who have sworn to serve and protect our small towns, cities and even our country have found themselves in want.

A truth:  As in the days of the clans, there are a few who have not honored their oaths, but the majority goes to work each day with honor in their hearts and actions.

The words of the Cass County Sheriff stung in my heart two weeks ago, “…we [police officers] are hunted.”

If we are hunting our own warriors, who will protect us when they become extinct?

If we continuously feed negative images of police officers to the media machine, they will continue to overshadow the good work that these men and women do every day of their lives. I know it seems harsh to those who are negatively affected by the few without honor, but you must concede that most have their honor and integrity intact. Most would take a bullet for you, regardless of who you are.

This “hunting” of law enforcement, be it through videography, or through violence must come to an end, or one day we may find ourselves at the mercy of the hunters. Do you see how that works? In the days of the clans there were those who would conspire to overthrow the ruling clan. They would muster up enough support for a revolution and then turn out worse than what was. Usually in a God-forsaken tyranny that would last for years.

Law enforcement is our first and last line between order and chaos. In this battle “no man’s land” does not exist. Either there is law and order, or there isn’t. The choice is up to us.

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