Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday Musings: Music of The Butterfly Fields

These are a few, a very few, of my favorite pieces that I listened to while writing "The Butterfly Fields"

City of Angels - Fallen

The Dark Waltz - Viktoria Tocca
There are no vampires in (The Butterfly Fields)
Imaginer - Jackie Evancho
Closer and Closer Apart - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Monday Musings: To where does the music carry you off? Have a wonderful week everyone and look for "The Butterfly Fields," October 15th, 2012!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Musings: The Butterfly Fields - His Grace

No gent of The Butterfly Fields may hold a candle to His Grace. Aye, he is the most generous man with all that is his to give. Annalicia could not possibly imagine such a man as he. The Lady Iris has made this so. How is it I could fear one such as she, when she has done naught but to treat me well? It is she who has clothed me in fine rainments when I had naught but rags in my wardrobe. It is she who has sat by my bedside nursing me to health. It is she who has welcomed me to her home. Nay, I cannot fear one who has only given me hope in the dark of the night.

Since the first night of our meeting, His Grace has given me all that my heart desires. He comes for me in fine carriages. He gifts me with the finest jewels and perfumes. Dare I dream he may love one such as I? Nay...nay I cannot. Yet, my heart fills with joyous rapture at the very sight of him. How is it my head and my heart can be in such conflicted disagreement? How is it I shall run to the window when dusk falls to seek his carriage upon the road? What is this that has befallen me? Have I been beguiled by such a man as His Grace, the Duke? Or, is it I whom has beguiled he? I know not. It matters not.

The first night we waltzed into the deepest depths of the hours of night. The moon hung in the sky as though witness to a wish upon a shooting star coming true. All the night my feet ne'er touched the floor as I whirled about in the mesmerizing pools of his eyes. Although the room be filled with all the gentry of the land, there was naught but he and I. There was a safety in the arms which enveloped me. I dared not breathe for fear it would all melt away and I awaken in the loneliness of the dark. The scent of his hair lingers in my nostrils. The sound of his voice soothes the anixiety which pounds in my chest. It was my only wish and desire to tarry but a bit longer when the night had come to an end. Aye, but a true gent he is. He bade me farewell at the door of the carriage of Lady Iris. I watched as his visage disappeared into the midnight hour.

The days and weeks since the first night have created in me sensations I have not known. The very thought of his arrival gives my stomach cause to wrench with anticipation, and my heart to pause until the next gasp of air. Dear Richard has come to wonder if I have taken leave of my senses altogether as he has caught me singing in my own company. Lady Carin assures him I have complete control, I have only found that which my heart desires most. They laugh together at the very thought of it, yet Richard carries a sense of unrest. I know not what it is that causes him such sorrow in his heart. I should think he would share in my joy, yet he does not. His voice is silent more oft than not these past weeks. I am certain it is the difficulties of his studies. It can be nothing more than this. In my heart, I truly care not. I can only think of him, His Grace.


I hope you have enjoyed this week's preview into The Butterfly Fields. I am working diligently to finish. I will announce the official release date here on the Butterfly Phoenix blog first. Have a wonderful week everyone!