Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Interview With the Amazing Digital Artist, Elena Dudina

If you enter the words “Fantasy Art” in a simple Google Images search, you will be inundated with copy after copy of the art of Elena Dudina, one of the world’s most popular digital artists. But who is Elena Dudina?

Elena Dudina was born in Russia, the daughter of a military pilot. They moved around a lot. Her childhood and youth was spent living in places such as Estonia, Latvia, the Artic and Ukraine, and seven years in Siberia. Elena has lived with her husband in Madrid, Spain, since 2002 (He is Spanish).

In December of 2012, I emailed Elena, to ask if she would be willing to do a five question blog interview. Within a couple of days, I received an email response saying, "with pleasure." I was so excited. In her answers to the five questions, you will find that Elena is a hardworking, impressive artist with a history in working in the visual arts, and in the midst of it all, is a very humble woman.

Today, Elena Dudina shares a look into her process and how she became a professional Photo Manipulator (Digital Artist):

1.)What does your work space look and sound like? (Music or silence? Office or kitchen table? Organized or organized mess? etc..)

I have two rooms, the bedroom and the ‘techno’ room. I have a big office table, big PC and all the accessories. I am quite organized.

I work at night, late at night. I feel most comfortable working in silence, with a diet coke and cigarettes. While I work, my Scotish Fold cat, “Sara,” sleeps next to me, and my husband sleeps in the room in front of me.

2.)Why do you create? Tell us about the artist inside. Is there a part of you that absolutely must be creating something?

I have always created. I have drawn and painted since I was a very young child. I had that gift. When I was about 10 years old, I had drawn a horse scene, covering the fence of my grandmother’s house. People loved it. I started to study fine arts when I was 16. My mother became seriously ill, and I had to leave to take care of her. Twelve years ago, I began sculpting too. Finally, four years ago, I discovered Photo-Manipulation. Since then, I am exclusively dedicated to this field. I feel it is the summary of all the things I had done before.

3.)When you first started creating digital images, did you ever believe that you might become one of the most infringed artists in the world? (Have people pirate, steal, or otherwise use your images without permission).

I don’t know that I am, but I try to take it easy. There are times when I get along better, and others are worse. I forgive ignorance without malice, often from very young people, but I hate and pursue malice and lying (copyright infringement).

People must understand that the internet is not a free buffet. You can’t consider that all in the Net is a gift, unless stated that way. (Blogger note: All of Elena Dudina’s work is copyrighted and protected under International Copyright Laws.)

4.) Looking back over the last 4 to 5 years, is there anything you would have done differently, knowing what you know now?

Yes. I wish I had discovered Photo-Manipulation before. And after developing my own technique and style, I wish I had become a professional sooner.

5.) What is the one thing you would most like to say to your fans, clients, or those who are just now discovering your work? Any advice on digital image creation for aspiring artists?

It is not my place to give advice, just relate how I started. Practicing with a lot of tutorials. Working a lot of hours. Making mistakes and restarting over and over again. Exercising much patience and perseverance.

When I thought I knew the tools, I attended three Photoshop courses with a master tutor. About 200 hours.

I have always tried to develop my own style. I work for my own satisfaction and thank others for liking what I do. But, I don’t put myself out there for the compliments and fame.

I consider, and recommend you do too, Stocks (stock images.) A good collection is basic. Any knowledge and / or skill is very useful. I am referring to photography, drawing, painting, knowledge of perspective, lighting, etc.

Finally, as I did, I recommend contacting a good teacher too. Work, patience, and perseverance.


Some services provided by Elena Dudina are:

Book Covers, CD Covers, flyers and promotional materials…for publishers, authors, self-publishers, artists, bands, etc.

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Thank you, Elena for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us a brief glimpse into your world of art!