Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time Flies when You are Busy

There comes a time in everyone's life when things don't go exactly the way we thought they would. I haven't been able to get to my blog, which bothers me more than any of you will ever know. Writing is the foundation of who I am. I never thought I would really become an author one day. I always thought it was one of those things that happen to other people. Yet, here I am in the throes of wondering if "Torn Wings" is ready, or is it not? Is there something more, or is there too much? In the end, it is what it is.

Last month, I moved back to Fargo. I didn't think that would happen either, but sometimes we don't necessarily have a choice in where life will take us. I will always remember (God willing) the time I spent in Wahpeton. I did a lot of soul-searching while I was there, and found things I wished I hadn't and some that I am glad I did. All-in-all though, like all good things, this too had to come to an end. There's a lot coming down the road for me in the future, and living in Wahpeton is not going to be conducive to my needs, or the needs of my family.

Saturday of last week, I started having the sniffles. By Sunday, the sniffles had turned into an annoying cough. When Monday morning rolled around I had been cast into the depths of a full-blown head cold. As the sun went down on Wednesday, the cold worsened, and Thursday all hope was lost of finishing "Torn Wings" this week. I ended up staying home and trying to sleep through most of it. I rallied on Friday and was able to survive the day. Saturday morning, a full week later, I mustered it up for another event in Fargo. Today [Sunday,] I feel better, but probably ought not to come in direct contact with anyone if I can help it - still coughing.

Oh, exciting, last Sunday, a friend gave birth to a baby girl. Yes, I confess, I was texting in church, but only during the last song. There is nothing like new life to end a weekend on a good note.

I'll be working on "Torn Wings" this week, and then off to the U.S. Copyright Office. I am not going to say when exactly it will come out to the masses, but I assure you, the first announcement will be right here on the Butterfly Phoenix blog.