Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Koda Christmas: Author RaeAnn Hadley

What I Love About Christmas

            There are so many things that I love about Christmas that bring forth the warm fuzzy feelings and moment of believing that everything is right with the world.

            My first and foremost happiness is that people tend to be a little gentler with each other and go out of their way to help others. My daughter’s expression is to “fill someone’s bucket” so that they feel good about themselves. Such a profound statement from someone who’s earthly body is only 8 tender years old. Because of this we try to fill someone’s bucket every day. Not everyone else thinks to do this every day or even every month with life’s busy schedule but around Christmas people seem to remember and offer that courtesy. I am hopeful that maybe some of them realize how great it feels and start to do it more often throughout the year.

            The second thing I love SO much about Christmas is being able to be a child again. Being the mother of two young girls, I’m transported back to my magical and whimsical holiday seasons where Santa was watching my every move and elves were busy making my perfect gift. The smell of cookies filled the house daily, hot chocolate was always ready when chilly hands and tummies needed warming and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree filled me with excitement and anticipation. My husband and I are both child-like during the holidays and enjoy creating the fantastic, magical world that offers a special time and place in the hearts of our young. We bake our cookies, decorate our tree, make our snowmen and revel in the fact that we are healthy, blessed and together as a family.

            The third thing that I love so much is being able to share within our community. Our girls donate their time in the retirement homes where they read to the elderly, sing to them and bring them cards. We also become a Secret Santa to a family in need and buy a large amount of food items that we drop off, ringing the bell and running away before the intended family can see who it was. Granted, we like to anonymously donate throughout the year but there is something special about surprising a family at Christmas time and being able to bring them closer to the magical realm that I had growing up as a child.

            I have so many more things that I love about this time of year but I will end it here and leave you with this thought. We all know how wonderful it feels to receive, whether it is gifts, a compliment, love or support. Imagine how greater that feeling is when we fill someone else’s bucket. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and remember, life is meant to be fun; enjoy the journey.

RaeAnne Hadley: RaeAnne is an author from Craig, CO, USA. RaeAnne writes mystery and paranormal romance. Her works include, Mechanics of Murder (2004), WithLove; Now & Forever (2011), - From outward appearances, Anastasia Cassadine has the perfect life; a very successful company and handsome men vying to be her companion. But the appearance she projects is terribly misleading. Ana is haunted by a dark secret from her past, one that involved her first love, Austin Troy. Shadows (2011), and Love’s Everlasting Song (Dec. 2011) - The physical attraction between the two is immediate but Rebecca struggles with her pending divorce and need to be successful in her career. As Rebecca begins to open her heart and believe in her future, her past won't leave her alone and threatens to destroy everything she has worked for. Can she fight to put her past to rest and begin a new life or will this be her swan song?

Thank you RaeAnne for sharing with us today! It seems your kind and generous heart will be a tradition handed down for many generations. Merry Christmas!