Saturday, October 13, 2012

Simply Saturday: Seanmhathair

Seanmháthair has always frightened me. She is the fiercest woman I have ever come to know. She rules the clan in such a way there is none to neither deny her decisions nor question her authority. I have never understood how it is that a woman so stern and deeply steeped in her convictions could ever know what it is to love another.  Annalicia and I are no exceptions to the rule. Our lives have come to naught but groveling for a crumb of affection, and resignation to the constant reminders of our lowly state in the manor.
Seanmháthair’s power and authority comes not from sorcery or magic, it comes at the end of her tongue. Oh that sharp instrument of precision that cuts so deeply into the soul. I know not which frightens me more the weapon Seanmháthair wields, or the instruments of the men of science. It matters no more. One way or another, I shall take my leave of this place, this hideous place of discord and deceit. I shall return for Annalicia and we shall live happily ever after…far away from the instruments of destruction.
If Mhathair would only plead for me to be released from the family obligations, I know I shall be granted my only wish and desire in this world. I shall find my name on the enrollment rosters of the great College of Alnae and begin my quest there. It is surely by the will of He Who Created All Things that this desire burns within my soul. It could be naught else. If Seanmháthair is to deny me, then she shall deny him as well and the risk be the same. Mhathair must make her understand. She must let me go.
The stars shine in the heavens as if to say, “come hither and see”, yet they are so far away; so very far away. I long for the lands of which Annalicia tells her tales in the Butterfly Fields. These are the lands where the sun and moon do not take turns ruling the day and the night. The moon does not exist; there is only day; no sorrow or tears; the whole of the universe sings in adoration of all that is, and ever will be. Ah, but they are just another manifestation of the world in which Annalicia lives; a world in which only she knows the true limitations.
I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview into The Butterfly Fields which is due to be released this month! Have a wonderful and simple Saturday!

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