Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monday Musings: The Butterfly Fields - A Summary

I have never been beyond the road's end. I know not what it is that lies over the horizon. Elder Morton has traveled many lands throughout the world over and tells many tales. These are the things I must know; I must understand.

My fingers have turned the pages of near ev'ry book upon the shelves in the library of Johnsport. It is the Great Library of Alnae which holds all that my heart desires. All the most learned men and women of the world have studied at Alnae. I too wish to attend the College of Alnae, yet I have ne'er been beyond the road's end. It would be the most wonderous occasion of my entire life to see this magnificent city of Alnae with all the treasures it keeps. Mhathair must let me go.

My dear sister, Annalicia, has created such a beauteous land of imagination and wonder just beyond the manor gates that lead to the canyons. Many happy days have been spent among the butterflies and creatures of the meadow. Princess Aria and Annalicia the Lovely have escaped near ev'ry scoundrel and bandit to ever dare embark on such an endeavor as to plunder The Butterfly Fields. Nay, not one has e'er conquered these fields of butterflies; no darkness has ever creeped within the boundaries. Nay, not even the men of science have laid eyes upon our land. It is here we escape the atrocities of Johnsport. It is here we find freedom, safety, and sanity.

It is said in the worship house of Johnsport that He Who Created All Things is a great and wondrous God. But of this God, I have seen no miraclous deeds of mercy, or compassion; only misery and death. There is naught in Johnsport that evidences the concern of He Who Created All Things. The men of science have left their marks upon the children without regard to the will of He Who Created All Things. I, myself, bear these markings, and it is only a matter of time before they come for Annalicia. She shall be safe in The Butterfly Fields. They know not where to find these fields of butterflies. They shall ne'er know. They shall seek until the end of days, yet the entrance they shall ne'er find. 

It is just there beyond the road's end where He must be found. If He is not to be found there then He is not to be found at all. With Annalicia safely hidden in The Butterfly Fields, I must travel this road alone. I shall make search of He Who Created All Things and save us both; perhaps Johnsport itself. Mhathair and Seanmhathair must release me of the family obligations that I might make journey to the College of Alnae. A library with holdings as such the travelers have told tales must be magnificent. In this library of all the world, the answer is surely to be found. He Who Created All Things is surely to be there among the books. I shall return for Annalicia only when I have found that which we have searched for our entire lives. The very thing which shall save us both. 


I hope you have enjoyed this week's preview into The Butterfly Fields. 

The cover design for The Butterfly Fields is finished. I'm pretty excited about that. I have to make the final finishing touches to the manuscript before publishing. Until then, I will continue to publish teasers here to satisfy your curiosity. These are not actual exerpts from the series. They are summaries.

The Chrysalis Series is a triology. Book One: The Butterfly Fields; Book Two: Torn Wings; and Book Three: Monarch.

After the departure of the former muse known as Cowboy Bob, the titles of the books were reconsidered and changed as appropriate. :)