Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monday Musings: The Chrysalis Series

Some of the greatest writers of all time were indeed mocked, hated, and most assuredly misunderstood. They endeavored to convey their deepest thoughts and emotions onto the page, resulting in the purest forms of criticisms. Some were reclusive, eccentric by nature, melancholy, or overtly happy. At that time, they were giants among men. These writers were respected for their thoughts on everything from everyday life, to the current events of the world. They were deep thinkers. They were big spirits expanding into the world in the form of the written word.

Despite the public respect, they were often chastised behind closed doors, criticized for their boldness, questioned of their motives, and the list goes on and on. They were lifted onto the world stage for all to see, and then had the tomatoes of criticism relentlessly hurled at them. However, the world loved to hate them. The world continued to purchase and print their prose, because they were masters of their craft.

I have been working on "The Chrysalsis Series" for about six months. I have been learning and growing in the craft of writing. The mechanics of writing are important. I remember the elation I had felt when I first discovered I could publish books as an independent author. It was as though the world became my oyster. I did not need to seek out an agent, or even an editor. I could do it without the help of anyone. So not true. If you never read another word of what I write, remember this: Editors are the Godsend of novel writing.

"The Chrysalis Series" is something that is near and dear to my heart. It is important that the words are chosen carefully. The subject is sensitive, and great care is required to convey the deepest thoughts and emotions that compel the story forward. We have all had our Butterfly Fields of youth. It is the place of wonder, where games of intrigue and imagination are afoot. It is the place where the disappointments, hurts, and realities of the world can never reach.

Book One: "The Butterfly Fields" follows young Elsie McCormick and her older sister, Annalicia, as they navigate life in a world of treachery and deceit. It is a world where people speak not of the truth, as is common in the village of Johnsport when it comes to matters of personal loss or gain. Following the belief of He Who Created All Things, the na hÉireann clans live harmoniously with the Daoine Réalta, who have lived on these lands for millenniums, with no accounting for their arrival. Outsiders are neither welcome nor wanted in Johnsport.

The na hÉireann clans have come to Johnsport from the land across the great sea to the east. They are men of science; a science that will bring the village and the clans to their knees. The clans are divided. The Daoine Réalta, following their ancient ways, desire no understanding of the science. They only watch. They watch and wait for that which is sure to come - the end of all things. They wait for the days when the darkness will find its way into the world; the days when the battle of Good and Evil will wage its war in the canyons, on the Great River, and in the village of Johnsport itself.

I am truly excited for The Butterfly Fields to be released. The cover is currently in the process of creation, the editing almost complete, and the suspense of a confirmed release date is killing me. I am grateful for all those who have stood by me, encouraged me, and especially for the editor who has not only corrected grammar and punctuation, but re-taught me the fundamentals of writing. 

Watch for it! The Butterfly Fields coming to an online retailer near you!