Friday, March 30, 2012

Simply Saturday: The Powers that Be

I have been working hard on 'The Chrysalis Series' these past weeks; traveling to and from the Butterfly Fields, creating two worlds that exist simultaneously. Creating two worlds that collide every day for many of us. The worlds of good and evil.

Living in the world today is akin to living in the devil's kingdom. It is easy for us to see all the power and might of the evil forces that seem to rule the day. Seem to... Sometimes it is easy for us to fall under the illusions of the evil, accepting them as nothing more than the coolest, newest fad that will allow us to take control of our lives in an unrelenting, unyielding world that always desires to consume us to our very core. To the dismay of many, there are no werewolves, vampires, fairies, or the like in 'The Chrysalis Series'. It is a different sort of fantasy series. It is the type of fantasy that delves into the realities of the powers that be: Good and Evil. It is a battle to the end; from the canyons carved by the great river, through the Butterfly Fields, and straight into the village of Johnsport.
The story follows a young commoner, Elsie McCormick, and her sister, Annalicia, as they struggle to find the thing that will save them both from the autrocities propogated by the inhabitants of Johnsport. Two cultures surviving together; yet separately.

The McCormicks bear the burden of Annalicia's condition. A condition that could bring complete annihilation upon the village of Johnsport and the world. A condition she inherited from her father, Neville, a hideous, violent man - an outsider. 

Elsie's only wish and desire, to learn all the things the world has to offer, is the very desire that will send her down a dark and insiduous path, which only leads back to The Butterfly Fields; to Johnsport. Elsie bears the scars and markings inflicted by the villagers. She is not a warrior, her only strength lies in the confines of her mind.

Sometimes our deepest prayers are answered. Sometimes the answer isn't what we thought it was; or from the source we think it is. 'The Chrysalis Series' a journey through illusion, infatuation, manipulation, and into the battlegrounds of Good and Evil; a battleground where mere humans possess more power and might than any foe.

Coming soon...

'The Chrysalis Series' - Book One: The Butterfly Fields