Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sticks and Bones Re-Released!

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The formatting of "Sticks and Bones" has been fixed for Kindle users. It has been re-released on Amazon on Friday, August 13, 2011.

Having great on-line connections is incredibly valuable in these days of racing down the information highway. Thankfully, I had a great connection and friend on FaceBook and LinkedIn, who was a Godsend in helping with the editing.

If it hadn't been for the negative review on Amazon I might have never known, or at least not soon enough, that the formatting wasn't correct for Kindle Readers. I apologize to all the readers who purchased "Sticks and Bones" in its crippled format. 

Speaking of negative reviews, I don't look at them as a personal insult, but an honest assessment. Something to be learned from and corrected. After reading the review by KindleAddict, I re-read the story and realized the reader had made some valid points. To make the story better, approximately 3,000 words have been added to "Sticks and Bones."

"Sticks and Bones" was, and still is, intended for the young adult audience - with a word of caution regarding harsh language and difficult scenarios in the book. There is no graphic content in the book.

"Sticks and Bones" will be available for 99 cents on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle App users for a limited time. When the paperback is released the Kindle price will increase.

It is my greatest hope the message in "Sticks and Bones" will stick with the reader for a lifetime. It is a tragic reality of the world we live in today. Only we can change that reality into something more positive - if we are honest with ourselves. The characters weren't meant to be the lovable 'unicorn and rainbow' type. We all have our inner-selves that we hide from the world -- most of the time.

Children learn what they see and live. What we do everyday is more significant in the life of a child than anything we say. Our actions, as adults, are speaking loud and clear in the adult world; and reflected back to us with blatant honesty among our youth.

"Sticks and Bones" requires thick skin to read. Although KindleAddict felt the characters were unbelievable and 'not likable', they are our friends, neighbors, and community members that we can all identify with from our past, or even present.

Sometimes authors use exaggeration as a means  to make a point. Such is the case with a few of the adult characters in "Sticks and Bones." The real question is: Are you brave enough to read "Sticks and Bones" with an open mind and hear the message from the young people of our world?