Sunday, January 8, 2017

I'll Love You Forever - Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Ten years ago today, my grandson came into this world. These past ten years have been the best years of my life!

I remember pacing the hospital room floor, while we waited for my grandson to be born. It seemed like an eternity. When all was said and done, he was perfect – so perfect and beautiful. A grandparent never forgets the moment they hold their first grandchild. It was surreal. It was like looking into the face of an ancient history that only a family would know – all the years of our lives culminating in that one perfect moment. It was a moment of hope for the future.

Over the next months, I would get up in the middle of the night with my grandson and walk the floor with him. He was colicky and his mother was exhausted. I held him close and breathed in the scent of new baby. I would whisper, “I’ll love you forever,” into his ear, and call him Grandma’s little man. To this day, the entire family calls him Little Man.

A few years ago, we went to Maplewood State Park in Minnesota and climbed Holloway Hill together, with his little sister. He had the best time, leading the way and watching out for Ol’ Grandma. He would tell me about all the different trees and wildlife that we saw along the way. He even warned that there could be skunks, so we have to be extra careful. His shining moment was pulling the caterpillar from his hair. He thought it was funny, his sister and I, not so much!

As he grew older, we learned to play together. We crawled around on the floor with trucks and cars, and made blanket forts when Mom wasn’t home. We read stories together and talked about everything under the sun. Sleepovers at Grandma’s were always an adventure waiting to happen.

My Grandson has a special love for God, which I am unsure of where he gets it. It’s not your average love; it’s something more, deeper and honest. Ever since he received his first Bible for Easter from his Aunt Sara, he has read the Bible almost every day. He was six. Recently, he received the Bible in Graphic Novel form, which has become his preferred Bible. No one tells him to. No one requires it of him. He chooses it. Perhaps he finds something there, that he does not find in the world. When he comes to Grandma’s house, he brings it with him, and when all the lights are out and his sister fast asleep, he reads to me and tells me about God.

Video games and movies have fast taken over the love for cars and trucks, and blanket forts. He finds it hysterical that Grandma is NOT a gamer. He often tells me that Candy Crush is not gaming. I don’t even try to learn the video games, even if it is Star Wars or LoTR, because Grandma has poor hand / eye coordination.

Alas, my Little Man is fast growing into a Big Man, and soon all the adventures will be tucked away in his memory for cold winter nights, when he will tell the stories of his life with Grandma to his own children.

Today, I celebrate my Grandson! I celebrate the life we have shared together and all the moments that have brought me joy! 

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