Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrating an Enduring Legacy ~ First Lady Melania Trump

AP Photo Pablo Martinez Monsivais

As the whole world watched in breathless wonder today, the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn into office. Amidst the Pomp and Circumstance, and all the fanfare America could muster, stood a giant among women. She said nary a word, yet the whole world felt her presence as she stood beside her husband and children on the world stage.

It was the essence of the woman who is now our First Lady that caught my attention. My mind traveled back to the first days of Princess Diana, a kindergarten teacher who had no regal experience. Diana became the Princess of the People in England. She was beloved by all, at home in England and abroad.

First Lady Melania Trump is beautiful, bold and enduring. She is poised and stoic as the day is long. She exudes confidence, something that is severely lacking in our young women of today. To be the wife of a strong-minded man, you must be a strong-minded woman.

Melania is nobody’s trophy; not President Donald Trump’s or America’s. She is a woman in her own right, in all the right ways. She is the woman that many women so dearly want to be. Not because Melania is a model beauty, because she is her own person without regard to what others want her to be.

Her cause, as First Lady, is as noble as the position she holds: Cyber-bullying. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her today, but First Lady Melania Trump knows what it feels like to be alone in a crowd. For her first two years in America, Melania lived in New York City, where she spent an enormous amount of time at home – alone. She didn’t go out much and was focused on her own American dream. I doubt at that time, she ever imagined that dream would take her to the White House.

Today, we are going to celebrate Melania Trump, a Slovene immigrant, who dreamed under the torch of Lady Liberty in the harbor of New York City. Melania Trump, a woman of great strength and great faith, with a legacy yet to be left to the people.

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